Brother Al Mascia, OFM, 

is a Franciscan Friar of

the St. John the Baptist

Province. He has spent

over 30 years ministering

to the poor, disen-

franchised and homeless,

and has taught classes in

adult faith formation and

performed his story-songs

and ballads of the street

for audiences large and small.

He holds advanced degrees from Catholic Theological Union, Western Theological Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary; is the recipient of several community service awards and the subject of numerous video feature stories. The Franciscan heritage is a veritable treasure trove of poetic, imaginative and lyrical ways of preaching and living the Gospel; through teaching, singing and outreach efforts, Brother Al stays connected to this ancient spiritual narrative.


Al Mascia, OFM

Francis: Pope for a Change

Pope Francis, during his brief

time as Shepherd of the

Roman Catholic Church,

has inspired people, of all

religious faiths with his

message of love, compassion

and care for all creation. Like his namesake, the saint of Assisi, Pope Francis focuses on a world infused with divine incarnation, and speaks directly of sacred hospitality and the humility of God in creative and imaginative ways. Join us as we explore the challenging message of this pope, at once a modern nature mystic and a comforter of the lost and forgotten of the earth.

Pastor among the princes; Sacred hospitality; Care of creation in the service of incarnational theology; Our Lady Undoer of Knots and quantum entanglement; Shabbat -- bringing the sacred into our distracting world   (1-2-hour presentation, or full-day retreat)

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"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."


Brother Al Mascia, OFM


Brother Al


Hazzan Steve