"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."

Song and Spirit Institute for Peace

4300 Rochester Rd., Royal Oak, MI 48073

The Melody Tells

the Story: 6,000 Years

of Sacred Music in 60 minutes

From the sound of the ram’s

horn to Miriam’s tambourine,

Levites in the Temple, and Elijah

singing the blues. From Sephardi maqam

and Ashkenazi davening to Torah cantillation, Chasidic nigun, the golden age of European cantors, klezmer, Shlomo Carlebach, Debbie Friedman and Jewish reggae — Hazzan Steve takes you on a one-hour overview of Jewish musical history in a dizzying presentation of song and chant. Sit back and hold onto your hats!  (1-hour program)

A Breath of Peace

Hope & Healing: One Piece at a Time

What does it mean to take a breath of peace? How might it impact our unique spiritual paths and what could it mean to the world around us? Is it possible to send a restorative breath of perfect peace to a friend or a loved one in need of a moment of respite? Take a breath of peace with Mary and walk through a beautiful “Peace Garden” Mosaic completed in honor of a 40-day commitment to this spiritual practice.  

(1-hour presentation)

Join artist and


Mary Gilhuly, as she

describes her unique

journey of healing through

mosaic art. Included will be the

story of creating one-of-a-kind works to honor and uplift the memories of those affected by the Newtown, CT/Sandy Hook school shooting, and Nigerian girls kidnapped by terrorists. Far from being morose, her story and the creative and spiritual process that brings them to life is truly inspirational. Both projects will be present at the event.  (1-hour presentation)

Yours, Mine and Ours:

Raising an Interfaithful Family

Interfaith families are everywhere

in America these days, especially

among Jews and Christians.

Even if both parents are of one

faith, chances are there’s a

grandparent or set of aunts,

uncles or cousins who identify

as something else. Navigating

these waters has always been a challenge,

but success is still defined by preparation and approach.

Hazzan Steve Klaper and Mary Gilhuly have been married for over 30 years, raising 2 children while Mary remained active in her Catholic parish and Steve went on to ordination as a Jewish maggid and cantor. Come sit with us as we discuss our spiritual backpacks, and what we owe our ourselves, our kids, our parents and our tradition(s). This presentation usually leads to a lively discussion. (60 or 90 minute presentation and discussion)

Spiritual backpacks; how to separate / how to join; you can’t please everyone!; what you owe your kids; what you owe your parents; what you owe your tradition; what you owe yourselves.