"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."

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In the old country, 

the klopper went


through the

Jewish shtetl 

(village), knocking

on shutters and

calling people to


In this unique one-man show, Maggid Steve Klaper pays homage to his family’s original vocation as he assumes the role of 18th century troubadour and raconteur, Sender the Klopper, exploring what it means to be a modern spiritual storyteller.

Sender will take you on an unforgettable journey, where old and new worlds meet like long-lost friends. People of all faiths will be affected by this very personal narrative. (1-hour evening program)

The Adventures of Sender the Klopper

Western scripture records that

the initial act of creation is Light.

We have long seen illumination

as a metaphor for wisdom.

Light of awareness, light of

understanding, Divine light within,

the light of kindness that makes us

human — it seems natural that we

seek illumination; In Proverbs it says, 

“The Light of God is the soul of mankind.”

Hazzan Steve presents an acoustic concert of songs and stories, new and old, to shine a light on us all as fellow travelers, and to uncover the holy sparkles of light glinting off everyone and everything.  

(60-90 minute evening concert)

Let There Be Light

Interfaith Song and Spirit Concert with Hazzan Steve and Brother Al

August 2010

February 2016

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