Volunteers at the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace have assembled 100s of what we're calling


one gallon,

clear plastic



(in cold weather)

a warm hat, a pair

of warm gloves, hand and toe warmers, a pair of new socks; (in warm weather ) a baseball cap, rain poncho, refillable water bottle, a pair of new socks, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, with a list of human service resources for the tri-country metro Detroit area. If you wonder how best to respond to someone asking for help these frigid, winter days – now you can be readily equipped to do so compassionately.

To contribute needed items, contact Outreach Coordinator Greg Allen

"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."

CarePax Barrels are located at:

Archdiocese Chancery Building, Detroit

Wayne State University Newman Center, Detroit

Royal Oak First United Methodist Church

Christ Episcopal Church, Detroit

Faith at Work Book Store, Troy

First Baptist Church, Birmingham

First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham

Our Lady of LaSalette Catholic Church, Berkley

Temple Emanu-El, Oak Park

Unity of Royal Oak, Royal Oak

Song and Spirit Institute for Peace, Royal Oak

To make a tax-deductible donation for Song and Spirit to purchase CarePax items in bulk, please visit HERE



We deliver hundreds of gallon-sized Ziploc bags as an answer to that ongoing question: What to do when you see someone on the street with a hungry/homeless sign.

These include a list of resources for those homeless or living on the margins.


New pair of tube socks

New pair fleece gloves (dark)

New fleece hat (dark)

1 pkg. of hand warmers

1 pkg. of toe warmers

Travel size Kleenex/tissue

Two pkgs of hand wipes

Assorted toiletries (see list)

Summer Care Pax:

New pair of tube socks

Baseball hat (no logo)

Collapsible water bottle

Rain Poncho ($1 store)

Travel size Kleenex/tissue

Two pkgs of hand wipes

Assorted toiletries (see list)

TOILETRIES: We are always in need of Hotel/Travel-sized toiletries for CarePax: Bar Soap, Body Wash, Chapstick, Combs, Dental Floss, Deodorant, Disposable Razors, Hand/Body Lotion, Mouth Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Toothbrush Holders, Toothbrushes (soft bristles), Toothpaste

Prepare to Care…


1. Hold a drive to collect items

  for CarePax (listed above)

2. Raise funds for us to purchase

  CarePax items in bulk

Contact Outreach Coordinator


at 586-770-4245