"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."


Mosaic Classes & Workshops

Individual Mosaic Tile

Create a 6"x6" mosaic tile on a

theme to be determined by your

group. Choose to frame an

inspirational quote or fill the entire

space with hand-cut, colored glass.

Mosaic is a very forgiving art form

—  you can do this!

Session includes grouting

instructions and participants will

go home with a grouting kit.

(1-2 hour workshop. $30-40 pp)

Since ancient days, art has been called the language of the soul, a language at once symbolic, metaphorical and real, right there in front of us. Making art opens up new possibilities, teaches us about ourselves and the world, and calls us to act as creators in our own right. As the Irish poet, author and priest, John O'Donohue says, "at the deepest level, reativity is holiness."  

Mosaic art in particular, is compelling for several reasons. Not only are we bringing together diverse pieces and joining them to create a new "whole" - but people of all ages and abilities can be successful – even on the first try!  

Group Mosaic

A larger mosaic piece can be created by a group of friends or colleagues. A pre-determined design and glass palette means everyone can be a part of the creative process. Size, design and price to be determined based on the number of participants (10-100+!), budget and space available to hang/display finished piece.

Picture Yourself in Israel:

Jerusalem Stone Framed Mirror

Jerusalem Stone is a generic

term describing natural stone

material coming from several

areas of the Holy Land. Each

participant will use small

pieces of Jerusalem stone to

create a 15" x 15" mosaic-

framed mirror that brings to

mind the Kotel — the famous

Western (or Wailing) Wall in

Jerusalem. Participants will

leave notches/crevices in

which to place small parchment papers bearing prayers or notes, as has been done at the Wall since the 18th century.

(Workshop takes two days — approx. 3 hours to create, and 1 hour to grout the next day.  $250 pp for up to 20 people. This project may also be a group mosaic project at a cost of $375)

To schedule a class or workshop, contact Mary - mgk@gmail.com


Mosaic Classes/Workshops




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