Unity Mosaic, South Lake School

St. Clair Shores

Divine Inspiration Project

St. Ananstasia Parish, Troy, MI

Please contact Mary if you're interested in bringing a group art experience to your congregation or community.

60th Anniversary Mosaic Project

Temple Emanu-El, Oak Park, MI


Installations/Community Projects

Mary has completed commissioned art works for churches, synagogues, community centers and public schools. She will meet with your group to determine the message and spirit you wish to convey, then custom design a piece that will ultimately be created in her studio or with the hands-on participation of your group members. Costs are variable; Mary will work with you to create something lasting, meaningful and beautiful – within your budget. The process can take as little as a month or as long as six months to complete, but when Mary hears people say, "It seems like it's always been there," she knows the installation is a success.

Brave Spaces; Resilient Communities; Marshall, MI

Finding My Wings

We work with trafficked adolescent girls at Vista Maria, creating art installations that promote self-worth and artistic discovery.

One in the Spirit

St. Owen Parish, Bloomfield Hiils, MI

Creating art work that adorns the "home" of a church or synagogue congregation is a functional, creative and spiritual process. In this case, the pastor of St. Owen Church in Bloomfield Hills, MI asked me to create a backdrop for their baptismal font just off the main sanctuary/altar is this contemporary/classic church. Unfortunately, the wall he had in mind was painted, poured concrete divided into ten, 10-foot long by aprox 12-inch wide sections on a slight curve so no two widths were exactly the same. I designed a polytich wherein each segment was cut into two lengths so I could work on a couple of shorter lengths at a time in my 10'x'10 home art room! I'm estimating about 20,000+ pieces of hand cut glass were used.

The finished panels were grouted in pecan-colored grout so that "earth" would find it's place in this piece so full of the other elements of fire, air and water. The warm, golden brown played well off the wood tones in the church. The response of parishioers has been the best compliment I could get: "It looks like it's always been here."

"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."


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