Song and Spirit was

founded in 2010  

by Franciscan friar,

Bro. Al Mascia, OFM;

Jewish Hazzan Steve Klaper; and artist and teacher Mary Gilhuly. Originally conceived as a performance group, furthering interfaith dialogue through concerts, events and community gatherings, we soon paired these endeavors with Br. Al's street ministry outreach in downtown Detroit and Mary's community art installations and projects with youth and adults. We received permission to begin operating out of the former Jesuit novitiate house on the campus of Our Lady of La Salette in Berkley, MI. and in April 2011, we formed the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace.


Song and Spirit brings people of different faith traditions together to engage in creative service through education, music, art and social outreach programs.


When we experience another's culture, their music, rituals, beliefs — we come to understand that there are no "others" — we are all one people seeking the same human relationships, grappling with the same divine mysteries. In these ways, we seek to further the quest for true Shalom –– from the Hebrew root shalem, wholeness, completeness. More than just the absence of strife, we seek a Peace that heals a broken world, which completes that which has been left undone; we seek a shalom that allows us to move beyond mere tolerance of one another to an overarching and abiding love.

"There will be no peace in the world until there is peace among the world's religions."

Song and Spirit Institute for Peace

1717 13 Mile Rd., Royal Oak, MI 48073


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