When we experience another’s culture, their music, rituals, beliefs — we come to understand that there are no “others” — we are all one people seeking the same human relationships, grappling with the same divine mysteries. 

Song and Spirit provides a focus and locus for creating a deep and meaningful connection between peace-making, compassionate action, social justice, the arts, care for creation and the advancement of human rights. In doing so, Maggid Steve, Brother Al and Mary link a Christian commitment to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) with the Franciscan charism of serving the poor, marginalized and outcast. This is expressed Jewishly as tikkun olam, the repair of the world; by Muslims as zakat, one of the Five Pillars of Islam; and by Hindus as daan, care of creation. In these ways, we seek to further the quest for true Shalom –– from the Hebrew root shaleim, wholeness, completeness. More than just the absence of strife, we seek a peace that heals a broken world, which completes that which has been left undone; we seek a shalom that allows us to move beyond mere tolerance of one another to an overarching and abiding love.


Song and Spirit Care'avan

Bro. Al and volunteers navigate the Song and Spirit Care’avan, a specially equipped Dodge Sprinter van, reaching out to the homeless and those in need. The Care’avan assists working class parents and children living at or below the poverty level through our SnackPax program, bringing snacks to thousands of metro area kids who have little or inconsistent access to food at home.

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The Spirit of Assisi

Brother Al and Maggid Steve stand together, telling stories, singing songs, exploring the ways each of their faith traditions informs and strengthens the other. Their presentations are sometimes called concerts, sometimes classes, sometimes services. These programs change the way people think of prayer, art, music and religious ritual, and help people recognize their shared journey.


Art in Action is an attitude.

At Song & Spirit, we gather people of all backgrounds and artistic abilities to create an art “community.” Through ongoing workshops and special day-long art experiences, we build friendships and create unique art work that helps sustain our peace-making efforts through sales in our gift shop, neighborhood art fairs, and online.

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